Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Ex-Gay Movement - A Spoof

Sometimes you have to laugh at the world around you. Videos like this help you do just that!


That_Gay_Boi said...

I love this video, and love your whole blog even more!

Your blog made me go from extreamly depressed, to happy again,

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

I love the face he makes after he kisses his "girlfriend". Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I'm gay, and have always known that I am gay. I'm monogamously coupled with my partner, and I've always been very proud to be gay. I've always stood up and spoke out if I witnessed gay hate.

The whole topic of being "ex-gay" has made me think about sexuality. As we all know, the boundaries of sexuality are very blurry. Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, bi-curious, and whatever other labels people choose to use.

I've always known that people tend to fear what they can not understand, and the topic of sexuality is one of them. There appears to be alot of fighting back and forth between gays and anti-gays. Why does this fighting occur? Is it rooted in fear for something they can not understand?

I'm being the devils advocate here, but many gays and lesbians are "ex-straight". There are many gays and lesbians who are divorced and have children. Why is it not possible to be "ex-gay"? While the majority of gays and lesbians overcome barriers to finally achieve happiness in their true sexuality, perhaps there is a small percentage that truly don't know what they are, and have simply realized they simply do not want to be gay or lesbian. Why can't this be possible when there are many ex-straights? Why are people so against ex-gays? Is it because we simply don't understand them, or don't want to understand them?

I think regardless of our sexualities, we're all human beings and we all want the same thing; love, acceptance, peace, understanding and contentment.

In a way I feel sorry for ex-gays. They must have so much emotional and mental problems that they simply do not know how to deal with. People should make their own choices. I'd gladly be willing to be friends with ex-gays, and I support anyone who truly feels they are unhappy with their life.

I draw the line at some people who FORCE another person to be ex-gay or ex-straight such as parents who force their kids to ex-gay groups. This is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

I love this video! rotflol

Anonymous said...