Thursday, November 01, 2007

A new era?

So it's about time. Westboro Baptist LOST a court case and was fined $10.9 million dollars for one of their protests. Is it enough to shut them down? Will they appeal? Here's info from Queerty where I heard it today.

Despite being in throes of a multi-million dollar guilty verdict for picketing a dead soldier’s funeral (they were found guilty yesterday), about ten Westboro Baptist Church members spread their hate at the Matthew Shepard Awards in Los Angeles Saturday. Those zealots sure are tenacious!
According to one eye witness account, no one really gave a shit about the tacky picketing: “No one paid much attention other than a few homeless people”.
Meanwhile, Fred Phelps and his spawn Shirley plan to appeal yesterday’s ruling,, which left them with a $10.9 million bill. In this horror of a pdf press release, they write,
Not only did you fail to stop our preaching, but our message has gone forth to the entire world on this very day, because of your folly, like never before! Thank God for the $10.9 million verdict.

Interesting that the Phelps clan is thankful for the ruling - and for the publicity. Sick.