Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scary: Fred Phelps on Fred Thompson

The folks over at Westboro Baptist Church have posted a really freaky (and very frightening if true) note to Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

The information (always posted as a PDF) on their site is below - it essentially calls out that Fred Thompson simply ISN'T homophobic enough these days - and Fred Phelps and clan long for the days when they saw eye-to-eye - and Fred Thompson helped them win a case in Topeka.

It's so bizarre, but doesn't seem implausible to me. It's entirely possible that Mr. TV Candidate at one point had contact with, and perhaps shared some beliefs with the Phelps clan.

In fairness though, Fred Thompson's people have vehemently denied any connection. Then again, it's politics. What would you say to get a nomination or win an election?

Here's the offending statement:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Book from Alex Sanchez: The God Box

There's a new book from Alex Sanchez about a high school kid coming to terms with his belief in God and his homosexuality. From

The God Box

How could I choose betwen my sexuality and my spirituality, two of the most important parts that made me whole?

High school senior Paul has dated Angie since middle school, and they're good together. They have a lot of the same interests, like singing in
their church choir and being active in Bible club. But when Manuel transfers to their school, Paul has to rethink his life. Manuel is the
first openly gay teen anyone in their small town has ever met, and yet
he says he's also a committed Christian. Talking to Manuel makes Paul
reconsider thoughts he has kept hidden, and listening to Manuel's
interpretation of Biblical passages on homosexuality causes Paul to
reevaluate everything he believed. Manuel's outspokenness triggers
dramatic consequences at school, culminating in a terrifying situation
that leads Paul to take a stand.

Lambda Literary Award-winning author Alex Sanchez tackles a subject
ripped from the headlines in this exciting and thought-provoking
exploration of what it means to be both religious and gay.

Click the image or title to purchase the book from