Sunday, June 04, 2006

Phelps Protests - Week of 6/5/06

Funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Lucas (Killed in Iraq)
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA
Tuesday, June 6 - 2:15 pm

Funeral of Army Spc. Bobby R. West (Killed in Iraq)
First Baptist Church, 101 Hwy 64 West
Beebe, Arkansas
Wednesday, June 7 - 1:15 pm

Please note: We offer information on WBC protests so that you can be informed of the hate that is spreading in your community at the hands of this group. We do not condone protests of this type, nor do we encourage an hate or violence of any kind. Peaceful counter-protests of the type Romaine Patterson held at the funeral of Matthew Shepard that allow families and friends to mourn in peace are generally welcomed with appropriate planning.

On a side note, funeral protests of this type are particularly appalling. Many states are passing laws to prevent such protest - which flirts with the gray areas of "free speech." In general, your speech cannot interfere or prevent the speech of another. It is argued that protests of this type infringe upon the free expression and speech of the mourners at the funeral, not allowing them to express themselves fully. We at GLF generally agree with this assessment and encourage prevention of funeral protests of this type.

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