Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scary: Fred Phelps on Fred Thompson

The folks over at Westboro Baptist Church have posted a really freaky (and very frightening if true) note to Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

The information (always posted as a PDF) on their site is below - it essentially calls out that Fred Thompson simply ISN'T homophobic enough these days - and Fred Phelps and clan long for the days when they saw eye-to-eye - and Fred Thompson helped them win a case in Topeka.

It's so bizarre, but doesn't seem implausible to me. It's entirely possible that Mr. TV Candidate at one point had contact with, and perhaps shared some beliefs with the Phelps clan.

In fairness though, Fred Thompson's people have vehemently denied any connection. Then again, it's politics. What would you say to get a nomination or win an election?

Here's the offending statement:


Peter said...

Make no mistake about it this group, albeit small have a very wide audience within the global village that we live in. They are very dangerous and I am surprised that America still allows this to happen. Their actions at military funerals are deplorable but dont let this take away the real message that they are trying to convey. Hatred and harm to gay Men and Women. All their actions are calculated and made with great clever judgement so as not to over step the mark.

Hitler seems comparable to teh way in which the Phelps clan cleverly make their moves.

Its is the cult that hate Gay men and Women not their God.

Peter said...

Hi Guys/es's

I hear today that there is going to be hate crime bill raised or passed in the American Government is this true?

If so how will this affect far right groups who attack Gay Men and Women such as WBC?

If so it is not a date too late I think.

I am English so not up to date with US politics and the 'complicated' way in which it works.

Phelps is screaming about it on his web site.

PS Watch other groups to such as American Truth Society. That guy is obsessed with us!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like everything they do is based on hate. They're being used by the devil who hates indiscriminately. So the cult hates the gay people and that makes the gay people want to hate the haters back. Voila. There is hate all around! Very evil indeed.

Anonymous said...

ok, so let me start by saying that i consider myself a Christian...but i don't consider myself religious. it's because of churches like Westboro that i don't even bother to go, anymore.

while i can't reconcile homosexuality with the Bible, i also believe in a God of love, not of hate. we ALL have sinned, and it seems like a foolish thing to do to throw rocks when we're surrounded by glass, one and all. so yes, i suppose i could be seen as someone who rides the fence, i don't see it that way. i believe in finding common ground. it's that simple.

i do hope that, someday, the members of Westboro will break free from their message of hate and division, and know the love and mercy of God. it is my considered opinion that Westboro is on their way to becoming a real danger to others, a cult in the worst possible incarnation.

anyway, i digress. my point is this: it's going to take people from all beliefs and backgrounds to come together in order that we may all gain a little understanding, and at least find some common ground. we're not going to agree on everything, but as long as we are on this earth together we can at least tear down some of these walls and try to understand the beliefs which we mock and ridicule in one breath, while preaching love and acceptance in the next.

i guess i'm finished. you can have the soapbox back, now.

one and all.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're here. I just saw a photo on the news of a t-shirt that said I had to make sure that was around as well. God may not like homosexuality, but I know for sure that HE LOVES GAYS.


Anonymous said...

Westboro church is acting and planning like a terrorist organization! please tell me the U.S. government has picked up on this! I'm a Christian, I have gay friends, my own sister is gay, do I agree with it? I'm not going to say yes or no, I believe everyone makes choices in their lives, period. I take that back, YES I agree with homosexuality, is it a sin? most likely, but so is some of the freaky deaky stuff my CHRISTIAN wife and I do behind closed doors! does that mean we're going to hell? no it doesn't, I'm sure God has a wonderful sense of humor, and a bit of disappointment but no, no one is going to hell as long as they've pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ, He loves us ALL!

Anonymous said...

one things for sure is that they both are equally ugly and have that creepy smile...

Sean said...

Random thought: the comments on this site are just so quoteable! Honestly, it's good to know that this love exists.

Regardless of how you look at it, I think that everyone has a chance to enter heaven/whatever the good afterlife is, and I don't think that sexuality affects it in the case of homosexuality. (Rape, however, is a different story)