Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Westboro Baptist Upcoming Protests

As always, presenting this update so you can be informed.

Saturday 8/18/07 - 9:45 am
Memorial for Staff Sgt. Jacob Thompson
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
632 S. Broadway, Mankato MN

Saturday, 8/18/07 - 1:15 pm
Memorial for Army Maj. Thomas Bostick Jr.
Llano Junior High School, 400 Highway 71 E, Llano TX

Monday, 9/3/07 - Noon
City Hall of Treviso, Italy
No reason given yet.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.. they protest at someones funeral or memorial, for someone who's died?

Is that right?

That's so.. messed up.

Anonymous said...

yes twisted, very twisted ... too bad the police cannot stop it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for actually changing the name to "Catholic Church" instead of "Pedophile Promoting place".

Anonymous said...

you know what? these people are one day soon going to protest the wrong soldiers funeral. and that soldiers buddies are going to just kill the protestors. and i hope to god im on that jury, ill be the one to get those guys off.