Sunday, July 08, 2007

Shirley Phelps-Roper Charged With Child Abuse Over Anti-Gay Military Funeral Demo


(Omaha, Nebraska) The daughter of homophobic preacher Fred Phelps has been formally charged with negligent child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, flag mutilation and disturbing the peace over an anti-gay protest at the funeral of a soldier last month.

The indictment was filed Thursday. Shirley Phelps-Roper, 49, was arrested last month in Bellevue, Nebraska, after her 10-year-old son stomped on an American flag during a protest at the funeral of a National Guardsman killed in Iraq.

Full story here.

Justice? We'll see. It's an interesting array of charges they've brought against her. Who knows how many will stick - or if the ACLU will take the case.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yayayayayayayay!!!!! :D
That's really creative, though. I wonder if others will gain inspiration from this little incident... Let's hope so! ^_^

Jmihelic said...


I do not know how to leave my own post so I will leave it as a comment I hope people will read. I am a conservative straight male who has no problem with homosexuality, an oxymoron I know LOL, I think this site is great. We are all here to live happy lives and should do as such. I do not think the Church should be forced to marry gay couples and I do not think the Church should force gay people to live by their standards. As for civil commitments, bring them on. Gay people in this country pay taxes and contribute to society as much as straight people and should afforded the same rights. That is what the Constitution is about. I am sick of the homophobia in my party and the hidden homophobia in the Democratic party. God created us all and loves us all, and if either of us are wrong that is for him to decide. I am happy to take my chances, by loving my fellow man/women for who they are not who we think they should be. The bible says "judge not yet ye be judged" so to my gay Americans, I hope you get the equality you deserve.

Rick Brentlinger said...

Pity the poor, sad Phelps family. Their seething hatred must make them so miserable.

I don't have much hope for the adults but I pray their children will someday see the truth.

Rick Brentlinger

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the site. I am a 30 year old hetero-sexual male. I suffered emotional abuse(from my mother)for my entire life. i went to college, already put on ritalin, against my wishes, at 15. Never warned of the potent and addictive side-effects, I lived as a roller-coaster of ups and downs(in mood). Anxiety problems soon came, as did the very potent drug xanex. Once again, no warning about the unbelievable addiction xanex causes(100 times harder to kick than heroin) I began drinking. I lived as a self-supporting, gainfully employed man, until, at the age of 27, I had drastic changes begin to occur that I could not understand. My fiancee left, I quit my career and returned home. After two years of depression, that was lifted to a functional level,and then back, in a cyclic form,,I was diagnosed with bi-polar. The answer surely was not that the overprotective, cruel, parent I was living with had never changed and continued to demean me, kicking me while i was down,,nope. It was bi-polar and required more meds, which caused a Gran Maul Seizure less thaan two months in.
As time has gone on, old friends and their lives have done the same.
I have tried to reach out to counselors, and doctors, and they believe the situation. But I am still new to bi-polar( a very odd condition, that is quite tricky, in that you feel as if it has lifted and your mind clears out,,and then it returns. It causes a lot of physical pain. So,I am at the lowest point, and yet, systematically all my freedom has dissappeared(car tags/license expired, no way to get anywhere, struggle often to even move and i don't know if some of this is medication. I live with a person who degrades me, is cruel in ways you only see in movies, and i am trapped. I simply am hlding out hope that Soc.Sec willrender a favorable judgement(I have a lawyer this time and I can get out of this nightmare of anxiety and pain.
I have said for years, "Why are these people not being charged with the emotional abuse of these children. Teaching hate, is emotional abuse. There is no two ways about it. I am not surprised that the weak justice system in this state(Kansas)have never stood up to these hicks(for all these years), but kudos to the father from Virginia for setting a precedent with his civilsuit, just a month or two ago. And even more so to the state of Nebraska, for recognizing that there is no difference between emotional,physical, and sexual abuse of a child, by a parent. The end result is an unhealthy, misguided, adult, likely to be full of anger at all the wrong people. People with no voice need to be given one if they are discovered. Walking away from an abused child, is unnacceptable.

Anonymous said...

I am 19 I got pregnant at 14 I have already talked to that woman and if she thinks what I did is wrong by all means I disagree. I love my daughter though she is in heaven now. I do not think that it was by God's wrath. She knows not the proper teachings of the lord. She thinks she does but she does not. She only preaches the verses that please her. That does not make her right. It is very unethical and it makes a bad name for Christians. This woman knows not that she herself commits sin. Hate is a sin and she hates those not like her. She hates those who do not show her intrest. Shirley Phelps-Roper says that you should serve God to get into Heaven by no means is that true. You need to accept God repent for your sins and accept the Salvation given to you. Like I said this woman is wrong and those who follow her are wrong also.