Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Gay Political Statement

I have to tell you one of my favorite shows this season came out of nowhere and consistently makes me laugh... and think. Though they haven't yet tackled anything directly related to religion and sexuality, but I don't doubt they will in the near future.

It's the Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo. Here's a clip of "Political Project Runway" posted on Youtube. If you don't get Logo - call your cable or satellite provider. If you do, I strongly recommend this show.


Anonymous said...

I haven't skimmed through your whole site yet but it seems really informative. My boyfriend is christian and i'm well... undecided. Born buddhist but don't really know anything about it. My boyfriend recently went on a crazy attack on me when I stated that I don't partake to religion because I believe it influences hate. It's just funny how I found ur site... take care.

Anonymous said...

hey, found the site when i saw it listed as a parody of "" on wikipedia and i think it's really great you guys can turn the other cheek and rebuttal like this.

I. Remember said...

Great site! I send you nothing but love, honestly. My only teensy-itsy-bitsy criticism is all the pink. The whole bit about gays being weak and effeminate (as exemplified by the color pink) while heterosexuals are strong and courageous has got to go. We need to remember where we come from.

I. Remember