Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Anti-Gay Church Must Pay Marine's Family

From a reader:

BALTIMORE -- A Kansas church has been ordered to pay $3,150 for costs and fees associated with a summons and complaint filed by the father of a Marine whose funeral was picketed by the extremist group.

Albert Snyder, of York, Pa., is suing the Rev. Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church after church members demonstrated at the funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, of Westminster, and posted pictures of the protest on their Web site.

Lance Snyder was killed in Iraq in March. Members of the Topeka church claim U.S. soldiers are killed as God's punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality.

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Blanche DuBois said...

How do you feel about the ex wives of gay men though? We are left with husband shwo start carrying on about their rights as a minority. My only crime was loving a man who wasn't honest about his sexuality. What did I do to deserve being disrespected as a straight woman?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is doing something to counter the intolerance shown by Mr. Phelps and his church, even if it is touchy-feely.

Anonymous said...

I've been researching Christian scandals for a college paper and I came across your blog in the midst of my research of hate. Yes, I am a Christian and I beleive in God's law, but everything that I see on the site that you parady does nothing less than enrage me. It goes against everything that I've ever been taught. Then to see a site such as yours that retaliates with love instead of hate is all too refreshing. Thanks you for not contributing to the cycles of hate, I sincerely thank you.

Mackenzie said...

Hey, I just found your blog and I like it. Just wanted to let you know I'm adding it to my links list on http://queerrights.blogspot.com . I used to use this theme on there too :)

Unknown said...

I like what your doing, I was always taught that your supposed to love people and that Jesus loves everyone. I can't say anything else except that I hate, hate.

Anonymous said...

Im so happy to come across this site. biggotry is never acceptable and Im glad that there is a positive response to all the hatred available on the internet. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

This is super. Keep it up =)

Anonymous said...

As a straight women with no real Christian beliefs, I suppose that I shouldn't really oppose or condone any of the sites mentioned or parodied within this blog and website. However- I think what you are doing is nothing short of beautiful. You are putting out the fires of hate with God's love, whom ever He/She may be. I think you should be commended and encouraged to keep standing up to hate. It will be clear in the next life who is right and who is wrong. Why would God create something he didn't/couldn't love? It wasn't to test us- He/She wasn't a prankster!! So get a grip you homophobes and haters and just realx and enjoy the short time you have on the Earth, rather than ruining it for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

God love your soul. Thank you so very much for creating GODLOVESFAGS. GODHATESFAGS made me SO mad.... And I only have like one gay friend, so I don't come into contact with many so-called "fags." I can't believe how hateful that church is...

Anonymous said...

You are a terrific person but the people of that church should not have had to pay that money. They should have had to serve in jail for the rest of their lives. :)

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a sin.
Homosexuals should be loved.

Anonymous said...

I've supported gay rights for a long time now for so many reasons. I came across this site looking for more of those psycho anti-gay preacher types, I want to know who they are so if I ever get the chance I can do something to stop them and their message of intollerant hatred.

The Constitution of the United States gaurantees "the right to pursue happiness" who are these Bible thumping bigots to try to take that right away.

I myself do believe in God, but this hate coming from the hateful fanatics is not what Christianity is supposed to be.

It's supposed to be about love and acceptance, not hate hate and more hate.

I could say I hate Fred Phelps and those who are like him, but I also can say I pity them, they have never known real love and never will.

Anonymous said...

On Sunday, the pastor of a suburban Denver church, the Rev. Paul Barnes, resigned
after admitting to having bareback gay sex"had sex with boys.
Barnes said he had often cried himself to sleep,begging God to end his attraction to gay emo teens.

Anonymous said...

Right we should love all..

When I read Romans 1-26
I look at it diffrent.

I believe it is taking about
people born naturally straight.
It is wrong for them to have sex
with same sex.

But it is not wrong for born naturally gay to have sexy with born naturally gay.