Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What's going on with the changes?

As I sit and try to keep the site going, it's become difficult to keep things up to date and find time to write, though I'm committed to keeping the site going. So what changes should you expect?
  • More personal writing and thoughts of my own.
  • A bit more interaction (latest comments on the left), additional options as Google adds them to Blogger.
  • I'm looking for other bloggers to share their experiences being gay and Christian - a blog of this nature will manage that well.
  • We've removed a lot of the 3rd party resources as the are from other sites on the web. There are links on the right that will take you to more resources than we could post here (and we'd never want to plaigerize).
  • Regular updates as I work this into my blogging schedule.
  • Dynamic updating news (left).
  • More links and resources than before.
Hope you like the changes and the transition. Please comment to this post if there's something I'm missing, or that you'd like to see/hear.

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